Шляхи підвищення енерго-економічних показників роботи біогазових установок

В. Г. Подобайло, М. В. Потапенко, Н. П. Семенова, В. Л. Шаршонь



V. G. Podobaylo, M. V. Potapenko, N. P. Semenova, V. L. Sharshon


In biogas plants, organic substances are decomposed by methane bacteria under favorable for their vital activity conditions: the absence of free oxygen, appropriate temperature, high humidity, sufficient quantities of nitrogen and neutral environment. Necessary for the life of bacteria the temperature of the products of fermentation in the digester under climatic conditions of Ukraine can be maintained only with the use of additional energy costs. So, in modern biogas plants, to maintain the temperature in the digester, especially in winter, spent almost 70 % of the produced biogas. Therefore, the question of increase of efficiency of biogas plants is very important.

Supply of thermal energy biogas plants – biogas, it is advisable to replace electric energy with the use of thermoelectric heat storage equipment and installations that will improve the energy efficiency of biogas plants by 15%. Heat storage electric heating installation include in the grid in the hours of blackouts daily schedules of the electron loads substations, the cost of electricity is 4 times cheaper than the cost of a day of electricity and about 7 times cheaper than the cost of peak power from 7 to 10 o'clock in the morning and 18 to 21 hours in the evening.

As converters of electrical energy into thermal energy in biogas plants it is advisable to use simple in design and reliable in operation of the electrode water heaters.

The purpose of the study is to develop techniques and ways to maintain the nominal modes of operation of electric water heaters during the entire period of operation.

For the nominal parameters of electrode water heaters during operation is necessary to bring the resistivity of the water to the rated value.

In a production environment, there is a need for a simplified method of determining based on the testimony of instrumentation, which are included in the supplied electrode water heaters.

During operation the heaters are controlled by the following parameters: phase voltage and current, and the temperature at the inlet to the outlet.

If the value of the specific resistance higher than the rated value, it is necessary in water, add chemicals, and when less – distilled water or condensate.

The value of the specific resistance of the water can be reduced if in water, add salt. To the electrodes to reduce corrosion and scale formation for lightly solting water heaters it is advisable to use soda ash.

When pdsolve water soda ash should be administered in the form of a concentrated aqueous solution. When apressyan part of water equal to the amount of water which will be added, must be removed from the system.

The method of determining the resistivity of water, based on meter readings of electrode water heaters that work in a closed heating system. The regulation of the resistivity of the water of a closed system will ensure the operation of the water heaters in the modes close to the nominal.



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