Використання біоресурсів місцевого походження в апк для генерування теплової та електричної енергії

В. П. Мартинів


USE LOCAL LIFE OF ORIGIN IN AIC TO GENERATE HEAT AND POWER                                                 V. Martyniv

Topicality. Energy self-sufficiency is today the main criterion of economic usefulness state. Particularly acute this problem is to Ukraine, where fuel prices are continuously rising, inefficient use of fuel and energy sector is observed in all industries, structural changes over the last decade, characterized by serious technological lag Ukraine from industrialized countries in the world (Denmark, Spain, Potruhaliya, Germany).

The purpose of research - grain drying systems improve energy efficiency through the use of biological resources and the generation of local origin.

Materials and methods of research. Theoretical studies based on fundamental laws of energy conservation, heat, electrical engineering, thermodynamics. During the implementation of applied research methodology domestic and foreign experts, materials, scientific and technical conferences such as V. Fedoreyko, M. Korchemnyy, G. Geletukha, in which largely reveal the current state of systems generating electricity from biological resources of local origin. The energy problem is not the rational use of industrial capacity, limited nuclear and hydropower, draws attention to the use of alternative energy sources (wind, sun, ground heat, industrial wastes, biomass), conversion of thermal energy into electricity.

Results. We suggested way to improve grain drying complex, using generating system (turbine) for converting thermal energy into electricity.

Conclusions and Prospects

Thus, the use of biological resources in agriculture with the use of power generation systems allows:

1. Replace traditional energy biofuel local origin, to convert heat into electricity, which is used as raw beginnings rods, straw, sunflower husks, waste wood processing enterprises and so on.

2. To carry out electricity generation in the amount of 300-500 kVt⋅hod needs for facilities management and reduce the load on the grid.

3. Use a fuel resource in grain drying complex in the absence of raw material for drying (canola, corn, soy) for generating thermal energy into electrical energy with hard liquid materials that will reduce the payback time technologies are 2-3 times compared to existing ones.

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