Ефективність застосування програмного середовища MatLab за проведення лабораторних робіт з електротехнічних дисциплі

В. Ю. Рамш, М. В. Потапенко, Н. П. Семенова, О. О. Семенов




V. Y. Ramsh, M. V. Potapenko, N. P. Semenova, O. O. Semenov

One of facilities of intensification of educational process there is introduction of the modern technologies of studies, related to the use of computer technique. The dynamics of change of information technologies requires from teachers and students of rapid adaptation to the changes that take place.

From general practice of application of computer technique in an educational process it is possible to distinguish the most priority directions in her use: demonstration and for the design of processes and phenomena.

The last is most essential during realization of laboratory employments on the special electrical engineering disciplines, as gives an opportunity to apply not only the illustrative function of computer technique but also complement engaging in virtual experiments realization of that in the real terms often is labored in connection with the lack of laboratory equipment and device providing, and also will give an opportunity to master the greater volume of educational material to the students.

However, for creation of the specialized computer programs for educational discipline highly skilled programmers, and also considerable sentinels and material resources, are needed. Therefore, expedient is the use of the prepared software products with development of complex of tasks for a certain educational object.

Purpose - to ground efficiency of the use of application of MatLab package in the process of realization of laboratory employments after educational discipline of "Basis of automation".

The basic tasks of discipline of "Basis of automation" are researches of static and dynamic descriptions of elements and systems of automation.

Laboratory works are most effectively conducted with the use of application packages, by means of that forming of tasks is provided for realization of researches of elements or systems of automation, design and process control, quality of work of the automatic system control. At the use of design facilities, for students terms at that they do not worry for possible unsuccessful experimentations are created.

On the basis of experience of realization of employments with the use of computer technique at preparation of students it is possible to distinguish such stages:

mastering of bases of work students is with a software product; development of skills of computer design; acquisition by the students of skills of independent choice of planning algorithm for the decision of the put tasks.

Efficiency of application of packages for a computer design is estimated by the criteria of calculable mathematics, basic from that there is universality, simulation language, comfort of application and unity of going near raising and decision of the applied tasks.

Estimating by means of these criteria the application programs that are used for a design, simply, at the study of discipline of "Basis of automation" priority can be given to the application of MatLab package.

MatLab is high-efficiency means for the decision of wide spectrum of calculable tasks and design of technological processes. At the same time, a package is accessible for students, as implementation of large number of operations needs knowledge that answer certain discipline only.

Watching students showed that the use of MatLab for a design at implementation of laboratory works provided development for the students of initiative and independence, responsibility and interest in educational discipline on the whole, assists forming of necessities of motivational sphere of personality of future engineer is energy.

At the same time, it follows notices, that the systems are not without defects. Some offtype processes are badly designed in MatLab, it is difficult to conduct measuring at the frequency adjusting, as all measuring devices tune in to certain frequencies. Therefore be - what mathematical package even the most modern can not fully replace the real experiment.

As a result of undertaken studies it is educed that the use of application of MatLab package during laboratory employments gives an opportunity to activate educational-cognitive activity of students, assists developing creative flairs and skills of realization of research activity, and possibility of realization of computer experiments allows to organize presentation of material with the use of elements of problem studies, research approaches in studies.

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