Дослідження коефіцієнта місцевих опорів за напірного руху рідини

В. Є. Василенков


STUDY coefficient of local resistance when pressurized fluid motion

V.E. Vasilenkov

         Topicality. The complexity and diversity of factors contributing to the movement of fluids, in most cases, not present a clear teore¬tychnoho solutions for different types of flow depending on the type of local resistance. Therefore, the important issue is finding and study ways to improve methods for calculating the local head loss through a combination of theoretical fundamentals of hydraulics with the production of hydraulic experiments, which will increase the technical - economic indicators of the water supply. Conducting experiments also helps develop the skills of processing and presentation of experimental data.

         Analysis of recent research and publications. Poor quality of design and construction works of the water supply lead to overspending and electricity investment by 20-30%. Incorrect selection and installation of pumping equipment lead to overspending electricity to 30% reduction in service life of pumps 1.5-2 times. Lack of technology and facilities management and protection of computer systems for the production and transportation of water, lack of accounting and control supply and consumption of water - up to 30% loss of water and electricity overruns. [1].

         The aim of the study. Reduced head losses due to the research process variation coefficient of losses in local piers.

         Materials and methods of research. Theoretical research component of the fluid in the pressure pipe with different types of local resistance was carried out with the use of hydrodynamic elements based on the equation of Daniel Bernoulli. Experimental studies conducted on a specially designed stand.                    

         Conclusions and prospects.

1.Odnym of promising directions of development of the water system is to determine the energy characteristics of the fluid flow equations using Daniel Bernoulli.
2. The analysis of the fluid at different types of local resistance to the experimental setup allowed zv'yasuvaty methodical approaches to determining the coefficients of local resistance.

3. The results of analytical research is the basis for calculating the local head loss in each section of the pipeline that will ensure increased economic efficiency of water for 10 - 15%.

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