Maple-models of movement of parts on surface sphere

A. V. Nesvidomin


The main results of modeling the motion of a particle on a rough surface of a sphere in the function of an independent parameter are given 14t">  – time. In contrast to the line surfaces, analytical calculations of the motion of a particle on non-linear surfaces of rotation of the 2nd order are more complex. Therefore, only certain mathematical expressions that were obtained using developed maple models 14Sphere_t"> .

Keywords: motion of a particle, rough surface, sphere, system of differential equations, trajectory, velocity

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Pylypaka, S. F., Nesvidomin, A. V. (2011). Traiektoriyi rukhu chastynok po shorstkii nakhylenii ploshchyni pry yikh bokovii podachi [Trajectories of motion of particles on a rough inclined plane at their side feed]. Prykl. heom. ta inzh. Hraf, 87, 36– 42.

Alad’yev, V. Z., Boyko, V. K., Rovba, E. A. (2007). Programmirovaniye i razrabotka prilozheniy v Maple [Programming and developing applications in Maple]. -Grodno-Tallin, 458 .

Pylypaka, S. F., Nesvidomin, A. V. (2011). Avtomatyzatsiya modeliuvannya rukhu chastynky po hravitatsiinykh poverkhnyakh na prykladi pokhyloi ploshchyny v systemi Maple [Automation of modeling of motion of a particle on gravitational surfaces on an example of an inclined plane in the system Maple]. Prykl. heom. ta inzh. hraf., 86, 64–69.

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