Контамінація українського бджолиного обніжжя грибами роду Fusarium

О. О. Застулка, О. М. Якубчак, Л. О. Солодка



 O. Zastulka, O. IYakubchak, L. Solodka


 Annotation. The aim of our study was to identify in samples of bee pollen harvested in Ukraine in the years 2015-2016, potentially toxigenic fungi of the genus Fusarium. 7 samples were examined in 2015 and 15 samples in 2016 that corresponded to the national standard for acidity 2% aqueous solution and the content of flavonoids. Bee pollen in dilution 1:10 and 1:20, several times, by 2-3 repetitions was deep seeded on agar Capek and agar Saburo with glucose and was grown at a temperature of 25°C for 5-7 days. In some parties of bee pollen were found fungi of the genus Fusarium in an amount of 20-83 CFU per 1 g (2015 year) and 15-102 CFU/g (2016 year). By organoleptic and physico-chemical parameters bee pollen were performed to the national standart 3127-95. These fungi are able to release a number of toxins and therefore are potentially dangerous components of dietary supplements for humans and animals. It is advisable to allocate this type of fungi in carrying microbiology of quality pollen parties and it’s recommended also to bring this procedure used into the state normative documents.

Keywords: bee pollen, dietary supplement (BAA), microscopic fungi colony forming units (CFU), cultural and morphological characteristics of fungi of the genus Fusarium, toxicity

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