Аналіз практик молочного фермерства щодо поліпшення якості молока

Л. А. Кондрасій, О. М. Якубчак, Л. В. Шевченко



L. A. Kondrasii,  O. N. Yakubchak, L. V. Shevchenko


 Abstract. Some changes in the sanitary legislation of Ukraine demand scientific analyses of methods of control of sanitary measures for the milk production on farms requires. The experts in the world of dairy industry have extensive background to control the safety and specific indicators of the raw milk quality under the influence of good dairy farming practices on the farm. We have analyzed national and foreign legislation and established approaches to the implementation of good dairy farming practices in Ukraine. It has been found that it is advisable to introduce good dairy farming practices that provide animal health, milk hygiene, feeding (feed and water), animal welfare, environmental management and socio-economic aspects. In addition, the good practice of farming (regardless of the direction of activity) is recommended to apply the methodology of implementation of the analysis of the impact of hazardous factors. At the same time, appropriate measures (validation) are implemented on farms, which can be checked for the possibility of introducing developed practices.


Keywords: raw milk, Good Dairy Farming Practice, Good Farming Practices For Animal Production Food Safety

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