Застосування апарату патонмед ЕКВЗ-300 для оваріогістероектомії у кішок

Д. В. Тарнавський




D. Tarnavsky


Abstract. An integral part of any surgical operation is its reconstructive stage, that is, a reliable connection of various tissues in the surgical intervention zone, as well as stable hemostasis. The operation of sterilization is very complicated and painful, especially for cats. Nowadays, veterinarians successfully use electrosurgical sterilization, due to which interfering with the animal's body is minimal. This method does not even require stitches in the abdominal cavity of cats, as traditional methods do. Consequently, we need less dose of anesthetics, so the degree of their effect on the body will be minimal. For cats, the absence of suture strings in the abdominal cavity is a good factor, because in this case there will be no complications (peritonitis, pyometra, fistula), neoplasms in the uterus and in the abdominal cavity are not formed. The method of electric welding for joining sections of tissues and organs during various surgical interventions was developed by the team of researchers of the E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in cooperation with scientists from the experimental department of the Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of Ukraine.

Keywords. Sterilisation, electro-welding, coagulation

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