Specific prophylaxis of anaerobic infections animals in Ukraine

V. P. Ryzhenko, G F Ryzhenko, O I Gorbatyuk, V A Andriyaschuk, О. M Zhovnir, A V Rudoi, S M Tobacco, T N Mazyhula, P P Kamechuk,, N A Teplyuk, L S Milko, V V Ryzhenko


The article presents the results of the organizational and research activities of the laboratory anaerobic infections IВM NAAС in the study of the epizootic situation on anaerobic infections, the etiologic structure of diseases, the study of pathogens use to construct multivalent vaccines and associates. As a result, the team provided scientific support for the prevention of anaerobic infections in animals in Ukraine. A number of vaccines developed by the authors are unparalleled. Research team for 15 years solved the problem of ensuring the country's own biopreparatamy for the prevention of anaerobic infections.

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