Mesenchymal stem cells in veterinary medicine of Ukraine: from experiment to clinic

A. Y. Mazurkevich


             The results of conduct in nulesu studies in animals with experimentally simulated injured tissues after the application of stem cells. It is established that methyl stem cells in all cases cause the restoration of pathologically changed tissues. The recovery rate depends on the type and age of animals, type of mesila stem cells and their character(allogenic, xenogenic, differentiated, undifferentiated), the method of application and doses. In comparison with traditional methods of treatment of experimental animals with experimentally simulated pathological processes (skin damage, articular cartilage, tendons, experimental acute renal failure, chronic toxic hepatitis) stem cells showed the highest effect in each case. It is proved that halogen stem cells and autogenous, do not cause an immune response from the animal organism - recipit, while xenogeneic stem cells cause against himself immune response, resulting in a reduction of their biological activity. Found that cytogenetic uniformity of stem cells in the process of their cultivation is lost. The prospects for further research of stem cells in Nubip of Ukraine.

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