USE sonochemistry in pigs

S. D. Shestakov, I. P. Sheiko, S. A. Linkevich, E. Yu. Smeshek ,, T. M. Natynchik


Sonochemistry is high-energy chemistry. Experiments were started by the Moscow State University of Technology and Management (MSUTM) after the the laboratory of food sonochemistry was founded in 2009. Sanitary-epidemiological examination was carried out as well as certification of the developed cavitation reactors and TU 5130-002-26784341-08 for them for the implementation of food sonochemistry technology. Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Welfare of people and the State Standard of Russia certified reactors to be used for production for use in technological machines of food industry that allow to replenish moisture in food raw material that was lost during its transportation and especially storage in a dried and frozen condition, as soon as is considered that pure protein can theoretically bind in the hydration reaction by up to 40% of its weight in water.

The primary researches were conducted to verify the hypothesis for increase of digestibility of animals feed at fattening of young pigs on the basis of improvement of electronic potential of drinking water when using the new cavitation device for water sonochemical treatment.

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