Особливості лікування собак за відкритих переломів кісток




V. P. Sukhonos

Abstract. The need to improve the treatment of dogs with open fractures due to the fact that they are accompanied by severe complications due to injury and infection of tisues. Since the latter is caused by the skin microflora, we explored it in 10 healthy dogs. It was found that a significant proportion of the microflora represented opportunistic pathogens with low sensitivity to antibiotics. This testifies to their resilience and ability to cause infectious process in open fractures. Total for 2011-2015, our surgical care 38 dogs with open fractures of various bones of the extremities in dogs has been provided. Personal experience and literature data indicate that treatment with open fractures should be urgent and provide comprehensive primary antiseptic therapy, a thorough initial wound treatment and location of bone fracture, and rational method of osteosynthesis.

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