Клініко-гемостазіологічне обгрунтування використанняелектрокоагуляції за мастектомії у собак з пухлинамимолочної залози

Д. Д. Білий, М. В. РУБЛЕНКО


Clinical-hemostasis rationale using electrocoagulation for mastectomy in dogs with mammary tumors cancer


D. D. Bely, M. V. Rublenko


Abstract. The relevance of tumor-bearing animals in the study problems associated with hemostatic status close relationship oncogenesis and hemostasis system, and therefore the possibility of using it as a marker as diagnostic indices (coagulation, inflammation, apoptosis, angiogenesis, etc.) and neoplastic effect on points mechanisms. Taking into account the above, we evaluated the various removal techniques breast tumors in females, taking into account the reaction of the coagulation and fibrinolytic level. Studies of changes in the hemostatic system using electrosurgery and conventional techniques were performed on bitches with clinical signs breast defeats during 2011 - 2014 years. Number of animals in the group was 50 animals. These results confirm the greater efficacy of the EC-150 electrocautery. If no adverse effect on the local tissue and organism in general, removal of tumors it provides minimal tissue injury, and thus less available enhances the inflammatory response and apoptosis. Therefore, despite the general tendency to hypercoagulability, in these patients the degree of its severity was significantly lower than in the case of using conventional techniques. Based on the results obtained and the possibility of braking breast’s growth by influence on the hemostatic system, in our opinion, be appropriate for the study of pharmacological correction on the background of the use of an electrosurgical procedure.

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