Морфоструктурна характеристика остеосаркоми трубчастих кісток у собак

К. А. Синяговська, Д. В. САРБАШ




К.Sinyagovskay,D. Sarbash


Abstract.The present value of morphological studies in the diagnosis of bone tumors unconditionally. For setting an accurate diagnosis of the primary tumor of bone, select the appropriate treatment and prognosis of setting only accurate method is the selection of tumor tissue for microscopic examination. Given the diversity of osteosarcoma, a revised diagnosis should be set only after careful study of several tissue samples taken from different parts of the tumor. The results of morphological study of 26 dogs with long femur bones. Morphological studies of tumor samples revealed osteosarcoma six different forms, including classical osteosarcoma (fibro-, hondro- and osteoblastychna) was 34,6, periosteal 19,2, small and parosteal by 15,4, surface osteosarcoma high degree of malignancy 11,5, and the central osteosarcoma low degree of malignancy 3,9%. As the studies, macroscopic picture revealed osteosarcoma options are quite diverse. In the study of the microscopic structure of all types of osteosarcoma cells characterized by pronounced atipizm, diverse cellular composition, the presence of a considerable number of atypical shapes of division and the ability to osteoyidu tumors, the degree of which depends on the type of osteosarcoma.

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