Превентивна активність композиції лакто- і біфідобактерій За експериментальної колібактеріозної інфекції у білих мишей





H. V. Koslovska


Abstract.Development of prevention and treatment on the basis of effective microorganisms is an important element of veterinary science and practice. High-quality probiotic have to be the origin of the body to which it will be applied, have to be resistant to acid and bile, capable of adhesion and colonization in the intestinal tract or in other conditions;to product antibiotic substances; to prevent an amplification of cariogenic and pathogen microorganisms; must be safe for using in food and clinic and have a clear and tested by clinical studies a positive effect on human or animal health. In the article presents the results of studying of preventive activity of bacteria composition (L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, B. аdolеscentis ) in the experimental colibacteriosis infection in white mouses. The introduction of selected strains of bifidobacteria and laсto- indication for 10 days before infection саused preventive effect in experimental animals. These positive results show that the development of probiotic drugs on the basis of selection strains of lacto- and bifidobacteria is a perspective.

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