Influence of sunlight on the propagation of winter pests of winter wheat with no-till technology in the Forest-steppe of Ukraine

V. V. Sakhnenko


The article highlights the results of studies of the effect of sun rays on the reproduction of the main species of pests of winter wheat at the main stages of plant organogenesis. The peculiarities of the influence of solar and geoclimatic influences at the stage of development of plant phytophages in the forest-steppe of Ukraine are assessed. On the basis of statistical data on the dynamics of pest numbers, a study was made of their effect on the yield of winter wheat under No-till technology over the past 25 years. The analysis of geoclimatic factors on the livelihood of the main types of soil, stems, and wheat pests of winter wheat with No-till technology is carried out. The system of control measures of phytophagous is substantiated, allowing to reveal and improve the newest No-till technology in the Forest-Steppe of Ukraine. The role and peculiarities of unregulated factors - winter air temperatures, the length of the snow cover period, the thickness of the snow cover, and the wintering of a complex of harmful insect species are determined.

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No-till technology, winter wheat, production, biology and ecology of phytophages, weather and climate factors, yield

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