Метрологічні аспекти в закономірностях розпаду радіоізотопів хімічних елементів

В. І. Максін, О. З. Стандритчук



V. Maksin, O. Standritchuk

Investigated the logarithmic dependence of magnitude f(FN)=G(muAN)2/(сT½)2 − gravitational force of your mass around the nucleus of an atom, which is deterring effect on photons of radiation within the conventional sphere with the radius r1,2= сT½,, i.e. at a distance of their free run for a time equal to the period of the radionuclide half-life T½, of magnitude T½. Objects of studies have been picks 297-"medium" and "long living" radioactive isotopes decay chains from disparate and separate full sample genetically associated radionuclides with 4 natural radioactive series. It is shown that line closer to ln (FN) = f (ln T½) with a high accuracy of approximation of R2 ≈ 1 describes the simple equations type ln(FN) = -а∙ln (T½) -b coefficients which easily associated mathematical formulas with the constant of Hubble's law, the same fine structure and other fundamental constants.

Keywords: radionuclides, half-life, fundamental constants, fine structure constant, Hubble's law constant

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