Участь деревних інвазійних видів рослин у формуванні насаджень паркової зони міста Дніпро

А. М. Кабар, Н. В. Мартинова, Ю. В. Лихолат, Н. А. Хромих, І. П. Григорюк, О. І. Серга, Ю. Г. Приседський, А. А. Алексєєва



A. Kabar, N. Martynova, Yu. Lykholat, N. Khromykh,

I. Grygoryuk, O. Serga, Yu. Prisedsky, A. Alekseeva


Abstract. A comparative analysis of the green plantation state in Volodya Dubinin Park and Pisarzhevsky Park is carried out. The species composition, age structure and health status of trees have been studied. The taxonomic diversity of of the Dibinin Park is rather poor and has 27 species and 2 cultivars. The Conifers are not presented. Dominating species are Acer platanoides L, Populus deltoides Marsh.and also invasive species Morus alba L., Acer negundo L., Robinia pseudoacacia L. Dendroflora of Pisarzhevsky Park is more multifarious and totals 40 species and 1 cultivar. There are many conifers. Dominating species are Pinus nigra Arnold. The number of invasive species  is small.

Almost half of all trees in Volodya Dubinin Park are young plants. However, such high indicator is provided by numerous self-sown plants of Morus alba, Acer negundo, Acer platanoides and Sambucus nigra L.  The middle-aged, senescent and old specimens prevail in Pisarzhevsky Park. Health condition of the tree majority in both parks is right enough. It is revealed that 18% of trees in Volodya Dubinin Park and 21% in Pisarzhevsky Park are defective. Trees damaged by horse-chestnut leaf miner, Dutch elm disease and polypore are found.

The order of actions for the recovery of urban parklands is determined.  For improvement and recovery of both parks it is necessary to fulfill territory clearing, remove defective and dead trees, conduct sanitary and rejuvenating pruning. To replace low-value and invasive tree species it is recommended a range of new resistant ornamental types including exotic and indigenous.

Keywords: urban parkland, dendroflora, monitoring, species structure, age, health, renovation

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