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In the review is presented the scientific information about a problem of contaminated soils in Ukraine and the EU. It is shown that the three-level system of standardization has wide distribution in many European countries. In Bulgaria and the ЕU it is used such soil contamination indexes as a precautionary level, trigger concentration and intervention value. A trigger concentration indicates the contaminated soil with permissible risk. This index corresponds to MPC in Ukraine. In Germany the different normative indexes of pollutants are used according to the categories of land use and land utilization (municipal, industrial and agricultural ones). In the Netherlands the concentrations of substances in soils are compared to the background concentrations and intervention values that determine a risk of human health and ecological and toxicological risk. The different spots of contamination are classified as «clean soil», «contaminated soil» or «serious contaminated soil». The analyzed data show that the permissible concentrations a lot of heavy metals in the ЕU countries exceed MPC in Ukraine. It is related to different calculation methodologies of MPC and the different chemical methods of pollutant extraction. It is offered to improve the system of contaminant indexes of soil using the modern scientific data and methods.

Keywords: standardization of soil contamination, heavy metals, maximum permissible concentration.

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