State forming parameters of human self-determination in society and the state (philosophical ideas of Jacques Maritain)

Ірина Сергіївна Матвієнко


The article presents the analysis of philosophical ideas Jacques Maritain, which gives special meaning to the concept of «nation», «state» and «civil society». The main purpose of the article is the consideration of the problem of man, the nation, the state and civil society taking into account the work of the famous French philosopher. Political society requires the highest ruling organ of the state. The main goal of any government should be fairness within the territorial limits of this state, but not devoid of political control of society, through the internal structure of this society – the people. The state acts as the authority that is given the right to use power and coercion, but the state exists for the people. The people is a large number of human individuals who have teamed up with fair laws, in mutual friendship and in the name of the greater good of their human existence, constitute a political society. The state is a part of political society, both interested in keeping the law, maintaining the General welfare and public order, as well as manage public Affairs. The state is represented as a set of different institutions that are connected like clockwork. But the state, as well as the people and civil society do not have sovereignty rights and duties, and the only one who has this sovereignty is God.

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