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Abstract. In the article on the basis of analysis ecological, natural resources legislation and special literature investigated the problem aspects of realization of rights for the subjects of faunistic legal relationships and guarantee of them are investigational legislative providing. It is set that rights and freedoms of subjects of faunistic legal relationships and guarantees of their realization certain on the basis of corresponding positions Constitutions of Ukraine, Laws of Ukraine "About fauna", "On Hunting Economy and Shooting" and other acts of legislation of faunal.

It has been suggested that the fundamental right of citizens in faunal relationships, are right to perform general use of wildlife, which is available to meet vital health, recreation, aesthetic needs and is carried out without removing these objects environment.

As a result of the study were reason to believe that under current conditions the state on the basis of positions of Constitution of Ukraine and other acts of national legislation is carry out the full fixing of rights for the subjects of faunistic legal relationships, however because of absence of effective mechanism of application of guarantees, there are considerable problems of realization of these rights first of all in the spheres of the use and guard of objects of animal kingdom, conduct of the hunting growing, monitoring of animal kingdom.

Keywords: Rights for the subjects of faunistic legal relationships, guarantees of providing of rights, faunistic legal relationships, faunistic legislation, animal kingdom.

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