Особливості передчасного відшарування плаценти у коней (передлежання плаценти), поширення, етіологія

В. І. Бородиня, О. А. Святченко






V. I. Borodynia, O. A. Svyatchenko


Abstract. The specific features of premature abruption of a placenta in mares during foaling, the question of distribution of this obstetric pathology and its causes are highlighted. Too early, before the birth of a foal, premature abruption of a placenta (partial or complete) from the uterine mucosa, is a pregnancy complication that occurs in the process of pregnancy, and during foaling, violates normal function of the organ up to its full suspension. Premature abruption of a placenta during the first or second stage of foaling is an obstetric complication that threatens life and viability of a fetus, may also be defined as placenta previa. In mares it occurs before or during foaling and is not a common disease, observed in 5 to 10% of all cases of miscarriage, stillbirth and perinatal mortality. The most common causes of this obstetric disorder in horses is a placental infection (placentitis), toxicosis caused by alkaloids of fungus Claviceps purpurea, which parasitizes on grasses, also stress, fetal death or death of one fetus in case of twin pregnancy, premature opening of a cervix and in case of an abortion.

Keywords: horses, mares, dystocia, premature placental abruption, distribution, etiology

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