Метод отримання культури нейральних стовбурових клітин кота

Л. В. Кладницька, А. Й. Мазуркевич, С. В. Величко




L. Kladnytska, A. Mazurkevych, S. Velychko


Abstract. The article presents the method of obtaining the culture neural stem cells (NSCs) from cat nervous tissue. We used explants method in our modification for obtaining NSCs from cat’s nervous tissue. We are taken nervous tissue in the sterile conditions in cat age 1 day. It was the material of explants. Nervous tissue washed three times with phosphate buffer solution and transferred into another sterile laboratory dishes. The original material was subjected to mechanical disaggregation in pieces size of 1-3 mm3 and placed in culture dishes. We used Igle medium, modified Dulbekko (DMEM) with 15-20 % fetal bovine serum (FBS), 1 % antibiotic-antimycotic, with 5% СО2. for cells cultivation. Cultural cups with explants (neironal tissue) were cultured under standard conditions in a CO2 incubator at a temperature 37o C. MSC monolayer formed on the 10-14-th day of cultivation. To reduce the heterogeneity of cell culture performed subcultivation 3- 4 times.

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