Епізоотологічні особливості коронавірусного ентериту собак

М. Л. Радзиховський




N. Radsikhovskii


Abstract. The considerable problem of dog-breeder is entero - viruses over, the basic clinical sign of that is a defeat stomach intestinal highway, that brings to dehydration, exhaustion and has considerable lethality among to the puppies.

In the articles resulted given in relation to the epizootically features of coronaviridae enteritis of dogs for period 2010 - 2015 in the veterinary clinics of Kyiv and Zhytomyr. For the certain interval of time, during realization of experiment, 535 tests for research, from that in 99 dogs found out the entero - virus of family of Coronaviridae. Research of material from dogs with the signs of defeat stomach intestinal highway conducted in the conditions of laboratory, using ELISA on an exposure to the antigen. The results of research of age-old and pedigree inclination are in-process illuminated. It is so set that 5 - 8 monthly puppies are most inclined, especially such breeds as rottweiler, jack russell terrier and beagle.

The brought indexes over of seasonality in display, and also dynamics by morbidity in the dogs by coronaviridae enteritis. In a spring-summer period marked the peak of morbidity on a investigational enterovirus.

Results are presented in the article testify to considerable distribution of this enteritis especially in 2014 and 2015, 20 and 27 dogs in that at conducted ELISA found out a coronaviridae antigen.

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