Концептуальні засади атласного геоекологічного картографування різнорангових геопросторових об’єктів і систем

І. П. Ковальчук




Kovalchuk I., Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor, National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukrainekovalchukip@ukr.net  

The article discusses contemporary issues of digital atlas thematic mapping, which has been gaining momentum in recent decades. It shows that the atlas geoenvironmental mapping allows to perform high quality visualization of various spatial and temporal information in dynamic and static states, reflects the geoenvironmental state of objects that vary by rank, trends in its changes, and evaluates the influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on it.

         Solution to this problem is possible with the correct choice of cartographic service, which can serve as the basis for creating a wide range of interactive digital atlases. Using the ArcGIS Online service allows you to use a larger range of cartographic imagery, which attracts users. At the same time, there are few examples of the creation of atlases of geoenvironmental issues both in paper and in digital form, so the article discusses actual problems in this area.

The views of various scientists on the nature of geoenvironmental atlas are characterized. It is shown that atlases of geoenvironmental content should have in their structure basic maps of such subjects: physical geography (hypsometric, geological, tectonic, hydrogeological, geomorphological, soil, hydrological, meteorological, biogeographical, etc.); Socio-economic (demographic, labor resource potential, health, industry, agrogeography, forestry, water management, mining, recreation and tourism, etc.); Ecological (ecology-geomorphological, ecology-geological, hydroecological, soil-ecological, bioecological, landscape-ecological, air pollution, medical-ecological, sanitary-epidemiological, etc.); Applied maps (recommendations aimed at solving geoenvironmental problems, optimizing the use of natural resources and improving living conditions of the population and biota).

The article considers the options of atlases classifications and thematic maps that are part of their composition, offered by domestic and foreign authors. The range of problems and tasks connected with the development of digital atlas geoenvironmental mapping of diverse geospatial objects, in particular river-basin systems, is outlined. The ways of solving the problem of information provision of geoenvironmental mapping of the territory of Ukraine are proposed.


Key words: atlas mapping, geoenvironmental atlas, geoinformation technologies, classification of atlases and thematic maps

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