V. M. Maurer, A. P. Pinchuk


Technological and organizational mistakes in trees planting are compelling
reasons of their deteriorating health condition. Solving this problem is possible
with the plants weakening diagnostics methods in the early stages introduction in
forestry and landscape management practice and effective actions timely
conduct to improve their viability and biological sustainability.
Taking into account that the use of the weakened plant material is one of
the causes of the oak, pine and other tree stands drying, and trees of various
purpose frequent withering away, this phenomenon etiology research is
extremely important. At the same time all isolating factors that causing saplings
and seedlings weakening, union in three groups by peculiarities, the sequence of
steps and specific value:
1. Factors (circumstances) of planting material weakening risks.
2. Planting material weakening causes.
3. Catalysts of weakened planting material deterioration and death.
By origin planting material weakening causes can be grouped into three
1. Abiotic (factors of physical, chemical and mechanical nature).
2. Biotic (pathogens, primary and secondary pests and other factors of
3. Agrotechnological or anthropogenic (організаційні).
High survival rate of saplings and seedlings at the permanent place is one
of the main conditions for the success of silvicultural production and greening is
the high survival rate of seedlings and saplings a permanent place. Mostly it
depends on the quality of planting material, primarily on viability which is
determined by the degree of weakening.
Problems of increasing survival rate of seedlings and saplings and
extension of forest species planting terms can be solved by a substantial

increase in the proportion of closed root system plant material use, industrial
production of which, unlike developed countries, only introduced in Ukraine.
As research has shown, plants survival rising allows the use of "rehability"
planting material with aboveground and underground optimized ratio By the prof.
B. Schmidt method.
In the basis of the utility model laid the "rehability" technology of seedlings
with open root system by providing enabling environment for the regeneration of
damaged roots. The use of such seedlings can extend the terms of forest
planting crops for 2-5 weeks.
Developed health improvement and rehabilitation algorithm of weakened
planting material anticipates it differentiated using for silvicultural works and
landscaping. According to it, seedlings and saplings planting should precede
their division for three categories: «healthy», «weakened» and «diseased».
According to this algorithm, only healthy seedlings and saplings are
suitable for sale or planting. In order to prevent low survival rate of weakened
plants before planting it is appropriate to improve and rehabilitate by appropriate
This approach to use weakened material of woody plants will allow to
improve the quality of created plantings and use it effectively in the forestry and
Landscape Architecture.

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