N. O. Oleksiychenko, N. V. Gatalska, M. V. Krachkovska


The three-dimensional features of the national universities buildings
areas and courtyards are described. The main optimization improvement
principles are analyzed. Some new approaches to the universities areas
decoration that involve distinctive features using (thematic, symbolic,
commemorative, etc.) are proposed.
Urban environment, higher educational establishment,
reconstruction, landscaping, courtyard, three-dimensional composition.

 The reconstruction of higher educational establishment areas is 

becoming increasingly important due to the urban environment transformation 

caused by the society fast development. The urban development system of
Kyiv is characterized by the rapid constraction densification process, which
results in green areas decreasing and landscaping deterioration that has
significantly changed the urban landscape and caused to disharmony.
Therefore, there is a necessity for the urban environment reorganization, also
for searching of optimal solutions of rational using the landscaping and
complete life providing [5]. This situation leads to the necessity of
reconstruction of existing territories of general and special using. It should be
mentioned that special areas using have a lack of territorial resources for the
future areas development. In this context, it is necessary to pay attention to the
higher educational establishments territories, that take a special place in the
urban planning system.

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