The analysis of providing of Kyiv population by green plantations

O.M. Lesnik, O.A. Girs


The modern city development is accompanied by the formation of a special
urban environment, which factors have a negative impact on the citizens. The
territorial location of Kyiv between two climatic zones of Ukraine – Polisya and
Forest-Steppe – causes the various characteristics of forest vegetation.
The green forestry of Kyiv includes urban forest, which is a part of the green
belt and has recreational, hygiene and health-improving functions. Another category
of green areas are green plantings, that do not belong to the forest fund.
In this research work are used the data of the last urban forest inventory of
«Kyivzelenbud» as of 01.01.2014, development and organization projects of aesthetic
forestry (2010), comprehensive development program of green areas in Kyiv until
2010 (2005).
According to the accepted classification the green area is divided by
functionality into three main groups: urban forest for general and limited use, urban
forest for special use. 1
The green areas of all types and the urban forest in Kyiv make together 54400
ha and the real value of providing to the citizens of Kyiv with green areas including
urban forest is 188,4 м 2 .head 1
and within the build-up area it makes 69,8 м 2 .head 1

The analysis of the Kyiv green forestry makes it clear that the value of the
providing to the citizens of Kyiv with urban forest in every administrative district is
different. The leading and the most important role in green area network belongs to
the urban forest of general use, the total area of which makes 6170 ha and that has a
direct influence on the urban environment and is used by the citizens as a public rest
It should be noted that the value of providing with urban forest of general use
to the citizens of Solomyansky, Pechersky, Sviatoshynsky, Obolonsky and
Dniprovsky districts does not meet international standards, as far as the value is
considerably under 20 м 2 .head 1
. In the past decade the value of the providing to the
citizens of Kyiv with urban forest in general increased from 20,9 to 21,4 м 2 .head 1
According to the reported data the urban forest for limited use occupies in Kyiv
an area of 11638,6 ha and is an important part of urban green areas. The most
important part of them are green spaces in the residential area, which are
heterogenous, but we can define some ways, in which they are classified according to
aesthetic value, species composition and planting period.
The urban forest for special use is very heterogenous and performs various
functions. The positive ecological and sanitary-hygienic role of urban plantations,
which belongs to urban forest for special use, is well known. The urban plantations
consist for the most part of tree plantings in lines and as well as urban forest for
special use have an important health-improving and climate-regulating function.
Their total area is 784,6 ha.
The urban plantations consist of lime tree/Tilia (39,6 %), horse-
chestnut/Aesculus hippocastanum (22,2 %), Italian poplar/ Populus italica (20,8 %),
together 82,6 %; then Norway maple/Acer platanoides (4,0 %), sugar maple/Acer
saccharum (3,8 %), eastern cottonwood/Populus deltoides (5,1 %). The other species
(common ash/Fraxinus excelsior, black locust/Robinia pseudoacacia, rowan/Sorbus
aucuparia, English oak/Quercus robur) are 4,5 %.

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