Вплив електромагнітного поля надвисокої частоти на ростові процеси насіння кукурудзи

А. І. Чміль, К. О. Лазарюк




A. I. Chmil, K. O. Lazariuk


Topicality. Get full harvest largely depends on the quality of seeds and growing technology includes a number of measures: post-harvest storage, preplant treatment, disinfection, crop. At each stage of production and storage of seeds, possible negative impact of exogenous factors that reduce their quality. In poor storage conditions or cultivation, seed loses natural similarity infected with diseases, pests damaged, injured when machining.

Increased productivity of agricultural cultural issue that requires modern solutions. To achieve this goal using different methods, one of which is seed preplant treatment of high frequency electromagnetic field (EMF SHF). This technology has many advantages, but the main advantage is significant timesavings since the processing is fast enough. In addition, this technology can save the seeds all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals that the processing of other methods is difficult to achieve. Heating seeds is due to the absorption surface of the material energy electromagnetic waves of ultrahigh frequency. Unlike traditional methods of thermal processing of agricultural products, the microwave energy heats the seed penetrates evenly distributed throughout the volume of the material.

Materials and methods of research. As manufacturing facility was selected seed corn variety "Emily", which is treated by microwave energy EMF. Investigated several options for effects on vigor and seed germination laboratory, with a control sample not exposed to EMF microwave.

Seeds processed on a laboratory setup with a frequency of 2.45 GHz magnetron. After processing planted seeds in containers with moist sand. The experiments were conducted in three-fold repetition. Vigor and germination of maize seeds were determined on the 4th and 7th day respectively by the standard method (Determination of germination and germination, GOST 12038-84).

Conclusions. The obtained results revealed that the further processing of seed corn for quality indicators improve vigor and germination should perform the following values of the parameters of microwave electromagnetic fields, power cultivation should be within 1,2-0,8 kW / kg with exposure in 45-105 sec.

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Available at: http://journals.nubip.edu.ua/index.php/ Energiya/article/download/5252/5165

Inozemtsev, G. B., Bereka, O. N., Okushko, A. V., Usenko S. M. (2015). Elektrotekhnolohii obrobky silskohospodarskoi produktsii [Electrotechnology processing of agricultural products]. Kyiv, «ZP «KOMPRINT», 306.

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