FEATURES OF ARTERY WALLS INTRAORHANNYH And veins of the lungs in lambs per diem AGE

V. V. Lemeschenko, N. S. Kuzina


Studied intraorhanni arteries and veins of the right and left lungs in daily Lambs Sheep breeds reared in conditions of agricultural farm of "coastal" Black Sea region of Crimea. Using a set of morphological techniques, found that the structure of the walls of arteries of different orders of branching has three membranes, elastic elements are most pronounced in the highways. Most pronounced in the arteries is the average shell. Characteristically, the pulmonary vein trunk lambs daily more numerous, but have a smaller caliber compared with similar arteries. In the wall of the pulmonary and bronchial venobolonok clearly differentiated. Lung and bronchial veins are veins to the muscular type, but with fewer myositis in the shell. Lambs, the structure of the lungs, arteries, veins.

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