SPECTRA fermentation in the cecum ADULT DOMESTIC rabbits and wild hares

M. Marounek, D. Mista, Q. Volyek, O. H. Savka, L. G. Kalachnyuk, G. I. Kalachnyuk


Corresponding acetate, butyrate and propionate concentrations in hares were 28,4±1,8, 5,5±1,9 and 8,7±1,0 mmol/l, respectively. This finding was confirmed in in vitro experiment. In rabbit caecal cultures fermentation was accompanied with a significant methane release (15,3±2,2 mmol/l). In hares only traces of methane were produced (0,1 mmol/l). Calculations of metabolic hydrogen recovery suggest that reductive acetogenesis (an alternative electron sink) exists in caeca of both animal species. Thus, in rabbits cecal fermentation in vitro is accompanied by significant release of methane, while in hares it is produced in very small quantities. Rabbit, hare, caecum, fermentation, ammonium, methane.

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