Paracoenogonimus ovatus mechanism of regulation (TREMATODA, CYATHOCOTYLIDAE)

N. M. Soroka,, S. L. Goncharov


Data describing the distribution and abundance of Paracoenogonimus ovatus metacsercariae as roach (Rutilus rutilus), different age groups. With increasing age of ram indicators prevalence and saturation index first rose and then fell. Fish ages 0+ – + 2 had the lowest rates of infection, prevalence was 30,09 % and the saturation index was 12 copies. Fish in the age range + 3 – + 4 had higher rates of infestation: prevalence to – 38,01 %, and the saturation index was 18 copies. At the age of 7 + – 5 + indicator prevalence significantly increased compared to the previous age group and reached 82,3 %, the index is not significantly different saturation – 22 copies. Roach age + 8 – + 10 characterized decrease prevalence to 71,6 %, but the saturation index widened and it was the highest in this age group –39 copies. In the group of fish age group 11 parameters prevalence and others decreased compared to previous and were 66,7 % and 32 copies, respectively.

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