S. М Smyrnova, T.A. Vasilieva, V. М. Smyrnov


Attention is focused on the application of the method of analysis and diagnostics of the situation in the professional training of students of natural sciences. The method is aimed at forming the communicative competences of non-traditional analytical thinking and subject competence of the ecological and biological direction of future specialists. The situation or the case is the basis of the method, which serves as an important criterion for decision making in environmental and biological tasks. Eutrophication of reservoirs is analyzed in the applied aspect with the phased implementation of the case in groups: introduction into the problem situation,  distribution of tasks (problem issues) in groups, organization of joint activities of students, analysis and reflection, synthesis of the results of the work and their presentation, formation of conclusions. Implementing the method in practice allows you to use flexibility in making joint decisions with a constant focus on collective critique and the ability to rethink your professional and personal experience.

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