Control of the level genotoxicity of micotoxins with the fiber–optic sos-biosensor

M. F. Starodub, M. V. Savchuk, M. I. Fedelesh-Gladinets, O. P. Taran, L. N. Shuliak


Mycotoxins are very dangerous nutrients, and, as a rule, they are characterized by general toxicity. Information about their ability to genotoxicity is provided. The main goal of this work was to develop a method for express control of the level of genotoxicity of some mycotoxins using the proposed fiber-optic SOS-biosensor. The main condition for such a rapid analysis was determined and it was shown that T2 mycotoxins, patulin, aflatoxin B2, zearalenone and ochratoxin are able to influence the genetic apparatus, namely, as a result of their activity, the expression of the lux-operon of reference bacteria cells is increased. It was revealed that the highest genotoxicity was registered in the case of T2 mycotoxin, aflatoxin B2 and patulin. It was shown that mycotoxins were characterized by different levels of genotoxicity.

Keywords: fiber optic SOS-biosensor, mycotoxins, genotoxicity, express-analysis

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