Тhe application of pesticides in Ukraine is widely used in the cultivation of crops, but there is a danger of accumulation of their residues in the soil. Especially when using plant protection products with active substances that are highly toxic to the environment and living organisms. Before determining the risk of accumulation of pesticide residues, it is necessary to analyze the list of drugs that were applied to agricultural land. The assess the possibility of accumulation of pesticide residues in the soil, their content in the soils of the agricultural enterprise was determined. The research was conducted in 2021 on the fields of industrial crop rotation of the Separate Division of the National University of Life and Environmental Sciences of Ukraine "Agronomic Research Station" (Vasylkiv district of Kyiv region) on various crops (winter wheat, corn, and sunflower). Analysis of the accumulation of pesticide residues showed that at the beginning of the growing season residues of flutriafol were found without exceeding the standards, and metolachlor - at the permissible level. At the end of the growing season, the maximum permissible levels of metolachlor, cyproconazole and cyprodinil were found to be exceeded in maize and sunflower. After harvesting winter wheat, an excess of metolachlor and cyproconazole was recorded. It was found that high concentrations of pesticide residues were recorded when applying hazard class II drugs in the fields. To assess the effect of pesticide residues on soil toxicity, a phytotest was performed to determine the germination of radish seeds with a red tip. The results confirm the previous studies on the increased risk of accumulation of pesticide residues when applied to soils of hazard class II drugs, as the greatest phytotoxicity was recorded in the soil of the field where most of these drugs were applied.

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