O. A. Babich, A. G. Babich, L. Belyavska


 When growing in monoculture hop, hop reliable protection is achieved through the integration of different methods. The use of chemical drugs in the first place should prevent populations of plants proparacaine nematodes in the most vulnerable initial phase of their development. Band application of pesticides in the spring in furrows, while trimming the underground organs of hops, was the most technologically advanced method of application. Among the most studied drugs for a long period of protective action up to 45 days from time of application to the soil has provided the Marshal 25% E. C. at a rate of 2.5l/ha. The decrease in the number of complex propersition nematodes early in the growing season of hops increases the endurance of plants to the nematodes and allows you to keep the harvest within 1.3 to 2.5cwt/ha.

Keywords: plant-parasitic nematodes, hops, chemical protective equipment and technological features of their application


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