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M. Zhukovskyi


Overcoming Ukraine's economic crisis is possible only if the efficiency of social labor is increased. The current financial and economic crisis is a factor in the persistent negative tendencies in the economy, and the situation on the market of veterinary medicines is no exception. In this regard, the leading experts in the field of veterinary pharmacy are facing important tasks to find fundamentally new constructive approaches to address the objectives of pharmacy strategic and tactical nature. It is quite understandable that in order to achieve success in the market competition of veterinary medicines, feed and feed additives it is necessary to attract highly skilled personnel, because it is known that the effectiveness of any activity depends directly on the team of professionals. In turn, this allows us to consider the motivation of the veterinary pharmacy staff as one of the key factors for effective activity and customer satisfaction.

The aspects of labor productivity management, various motivation types of veterinary pharmacy personnel are considered.

Motivational aspects of labor management have become widespread in countries with a developed market economy. In our country, the labor motivation concept with economic content has appeared relatively recently, in connection with the production democratization.

But it should be noted that in our country a big value has the first group of incentives - wages, bonuses, various rewards. Thanks to the material stimulation, the workers take part in the technology improvement, labor organization, etc.

To improve the performance we suggest making a double bonus system, individual and collective. Collective encouragement involves the mandatory implementation of the established plan of trade turnover on a monthly basis. In the case of a plan, each farmer receives to wages from 5 to 20% of the salary set. Individual incentives include a coding system for each pharmacy employee. Under this code, every pharmacist gains an invoice for the product he sold. In this regard, each pharmacist will be interested in selling more expensive and high quality goods.

Individual motivating measures will not be effective; a positive outcome can be only through the introduction of the incentive system for veterinary pharmacists. The system of motivation of the veterinary pharmacy staff and the sequence of its introduction are offered.

Key words: motivation, labor productivity, material stimulation, bonus

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