Content of chloroplasts in the leaves of plants spring durum wheat in depending of mineral nutrition


I. O. Shutiy, S. М. Kalenska


Shown results of the three-years study (2012-2014 gg.). For determination dynamics of formation pigments of photosynthesis in spring durum wheat plants with actions of different fertilizing options. Was established a significant impact of studied technology elements on chlorophyll content in the leaves of plants. It is established that using of foliar feeding on background of main fertilizer has a positive impact on productivity and quality of the studied varieties. Was find out the role of plant nutrition system that enables to control formation of photosynthetic pigments in leaves of spring durum wheat plants. Was established, that optimization of fertilizing mode provides a complete disclosure of resource potential of plants thereby increasing yield.

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spring durum wheat, pigments, photosynthesis, fertilizing system, extranutrition, productivity

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