Z. S. Sirko, V. M. Golovach, O. M. Gryshchenko, D. P. Torchilevsky


The features of terminology were considered regarding the names of plates made by chopped wood.

Wood, plates, chopped wood, terms.

Constantly growing demand for wood for construction, furniture manufacturing life in the middle of the last century, very sharply raised the question of more efficient use of waste wood and production nyzkosortovoyi wood (roundwood scraps, unbusinesslike wood chips, shavings, etc.).

       One solution to this issue was the use of wood waste for the production of particle board (as they were originally called). Suffice it to note that GOST 9381-60 " Particle boards " (State - Russian) standard, developed in 1960, when the Ukrainian RSR was part of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) installed technical requirements for particle board, whose production then began. Only in 1964 were enacted GOST 10632-63 New - 10637-63 "Particle board" that the appropriate substitutions and changes come to our time: GOST 10632-70 later GOST then 10632-77, and finally, GOST 10632-89 with change-VII-1 94 "Particle board. Specifications ", which according to the catalog of regulations (State Standard Ukraine official publication) are international standards that the current in the CIS, which includesUkraine.

        Translations into Ukrainian phrase "drevesnostruzhechnye plates" we consider.

        The purpose of research - the correct use of terms in regulatory documentation on plates with chopped wood.

        Research Methodology. Analytical review of standards for boards of chopped wood and establishing a single standardized term.

         Results. There are the following Ukrainian translation of this phrase:



         wood particle,


What is with these four words correctly in relation to the issue in question? Let's try to understand this conflict.

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Плиты стружечные. Технические условия: ГОСТ 9381-60.- [Действует с 1961-01-01].- М.: 1961.- 25с (Государственный стандарт Союза ССР).

Плиты древесностружечные. Технические условия: ГОСТ 10632-63.- [Действует с 1964-01-01].- М.: 1964.- 35с (Государственный стандарт Союза ССР).

Плиты древесностружечные. Технические условия: ГОСТ 10632-70.- [Действует с 1971-01-01].- М.: 1971.- 28с (Государственный стандарт Союза ССР).

Плиты древесностружечные. Технические условия: ГОСТ 10632-77.- [Действует с 1978-01-01].- М.: 1978.- 25с (Государственный стандарт Союза ССР).

Плиты древесностружечные. Технические условия: ГОСТ 10632-89.- [Действует с 1990-01-01].- М.: 1990.- 27с (Государственный стандарт Союза ССР).

Відходи деревинні. Загальні технічні умови: ДСТУ 2034-92.- [Чинний від 1993-01-01].- К.: 1993.- 11с (Національний стандарт України).

Матеріали з подрібненої деревини. Терміни та визначення. ДСТУ 2149-93.- [Чинний від 1993-07-01].- К.: 1993.- 29с (Національний стандарт України).

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