Система фінансування протиепізоотичних заходів та забезпечення епізоотичного благополуччя України

В. В. Недосєков, М. О. Жуковський



V. V. Nedosekov, M. O. Zhukovskyi


Today, there are many challenges for the veterinary service, because as permanent, new taxa and disease are appearing. Among all extreme threats we can identify African swine fever that for 4 years had spread on the whole territory of Ukraine. Due to these factors it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive study of state regulation of anti-epizootic measures and mechanisms of compensation of consequences of the outbreak of infectious diseases.

Currently there is an active reform of the State Veterinary Service. It is assumed by the example of other countries it is necessary to share responsibility between State agencies and private agents. Despite that the deconcentration must improve itself it does not guarantee an optimum use of public funds, and the mechanism of compensation for owners for the animals that have died is unclear.

Therefore, we believe that we must look for alternative sources of funding for current and operational anti-epizootic measures, as well as a mechanism to compensate owners for the dead animals. It makes sense to look at the experience of other countries, counting their mistakes and achievements in this direction.  For the reason that recent years we had the deficit funding from the State, cutting expenses on such important areas as education, science, medicine, etc. does not give optimism, it is the opposite, it gives a clear message about to look for alternative sources of funding. But completely refusing from State support is not necessary. Our goal is not to return to the State budget 113 million ₴, on the contrary, the State funding for anti-epizootic measures should be increased to at least 180 million ₴, and to improve the quality, efficiency and completeness of the implementation of anti-epizootic measures and to create a reserve fund to eliminate outbreaks of infectious diseases and compensation for dead animals.

It is necessary to put changes in the Law of Ukraine about veterinary medicine and other laws and regulations to provide legal support for the formation and operation for such anti-epizootic cash. Anti-epizootic funds should be formed in areas of Ukraine, thus consider the epizootic situation in each area, it will affect the budget and contributions. Also the funds revenues of the cash may generate and local budgets. The third "player" will improve financing and reduce the monetary burden on the owners of the animals.

It is necessary to simplify the mechanism of tender procedures and provide tax incentives for anti-epizootic cashes, so it was possible to respond more quickly to the changing for the epizootic situation in the region, or urgent procurement of vaccines, disinfectants, etc. We have to put on anti-epizootic cash a procedure that is centralized, wholesale purchase of vaccines and tested products for an affordable price, according to the approved plans in advance for a certain anti-epizootic measures in the region. It also enables us to give a big amount of work for our biofactory, as this procedure allows to make a plan production of vaccines for 6-12 months.

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