Replies vs. responses in communication and metacommunication

I V Hrabovska, Y S Kharchenko


The paper provides the study of the phenomena of replies and responses in communication and metacommunication. The article introduces two basic types of interrogative utterances in conversational dialogue, i. e., communicative and metacommunicative questions. The research conducted helps to acknowledge that communicative questions are opposite in meaning to metacommunicative questions. Communicative questions are infromation seeking lexical-semantic and syntactic formations, which require informative answers (replies) from the listener. Metacommunicative questions are noninformative interrogative utterances that urge the speaker and the listener to maintain conversation and require informal answers (responses). With the help of replies we may give full answers to questions, show our knowledge and awareness in the problem. Responses, on the other hand, are reactions that deliver metainformation within a message. The prospects for study consist in further in-depth synthesis of practical material, investigation of the function of regulation of the emotional tone of interaction via responses in conversational dialogues.

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